Event Series

Place Justice invites people across the state to examine our commemorative landscape and practices through the lens of racial history. Whose stories are being told and whose suppressed? Whose legacies are being forwarded, and at whose expense?

To inform and energize these efforts, we are hosting a series of panel discussions and film screenings between February and June. It is our hope that the Place Justice Event Series will spur local conversations that will invigorate ongoing work and inspire new actions at the local level. 

The six-part Place Justice Event Series is open to the public free of charge and is designed to assist communities in navigating the ethical and practical challenges involved in this long-needed reckoning.



You can learn about all our events by following this link.


Naming the Problem: Problematic Place Names in Maine and How to Make Positive Change

Four Decades & Four Bills: Dealing with Offensive Names and Symbols in Maine

Film Screening and Discussion: Fighting Indians

Names Matter: Regional and National Initiatives to Address Racist Place Names

Land, Language, and Belonging: A Conversation with Poets, Scholars, and Activists

Film Screening and Discussion: Bounty

Film Screening & Discussion: Change the Name